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Soothsayer 7"

Image of Soothsayer 7"


Does anyone remember these? Well we havnt forgotten, after a little over a year we have finally recieved the Soothsayer EP’s from the Limit Records. Due to some issues at the pressing plant this record had to be delayed for several months past the release date. But after all is said and done they are here and they came out great! This record was primarily released in Europe (500 copies) but the Limit have been kind enough give us 100 copies to sell over here in the states.

For those unfamiliar this record was recorded in 2008, and time has since passed but we are happy to see it have a proper release. We have 50 copies on black vinyl and another 50 copies on Blue/Black/White swirl vinyl. Once these are gone they are gone!!! So if you live in the United States or Canada order one through our webstore or come check out our merch table at any upcoming show!

If you live in Europe or any other part of the country besides the United States and Canada please purchase a copy through either The Limit Records or Straight & Alert Distro. We only have a limited supply of these to sell over here.